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About us

  • CEO: Audrius Ramanauskas
  • UAB "Bitmarket"
    Company code: 303192943
  • Address: Perkūnkiemio 6, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • VAT code: 100008189318
  • It's been almost a year since I  am interested in Bitcoin. I have traded in Mtgoxe, Btc-e, but most of all I like Bitmarket. The main reason is fast money transferring. Mtgoxe , for example, make transactions within 6 weeks.

  • This exchange offer lower rate than other exchanges. I like it!

  • I have noticed that Bitcoin rate in this exchange is lower than in others. I decided to use it and everything went smoothy.

  • I have sold and bought some BTC here and have received money and BTC faster than before. I am satisfied with your services. THANK YOU!

  • In this exchange I have bought 0,4 BTC for the first time in my life. I was a little bit worried that I will not get any BTC, but after 5 minutes I had them in my wallet. Everything works! Thank you!

  • Audrius Ramanauskas
    Audrius RamanauskasCEOBachelor’s degree in computer science, 18 years of working experience as a managing director in web project and online shopping companies, establishment and development of few successful service and e-commerce businesses.